JOB SAGA (A prelude of my
latest poetic composition on

Various job seekers leave the
comfort of their beds,floors and
mats to get thier bath and dress up in earnest in search for a job.He goes through sharp turns,go through risks while he runs and jugs intermittently with sweat runing profusely from his
exhausted body just in order to
catch up with time…He gets to the
gate of the industry meeting a pack of people varying from SSCE
holders,Degree holders and
Masters Degree holders who form
queues just for mere factory
jobs,HOW APPALING!…Chinese and Indonesian freaks sit at the backseat of exortic cars while a
National drives them…GLORIFIED
SLAVERY!!!.They do not care about the queue,they screech and
speed up leaving the job seekers in diverse coments.
The job giver…A single man makes his way out to come and
employ.As he comes further,the
people rush to meet him as they hope something good should come out of their loby.The Job provider selects the females whom he perceives as sexy,he alxo employs few males who have link wit him,leaving others to ruminate on their faith and ponder on their chance of getting a job…The job seeker leaves the scene by 1pm…All eforts to get a job is futile…The day’s dream is
unachieved….Who’s deceiving
Who? The Leaders are confused,The Followers are much more
confused…We got to be watchful
and prayerful…hoping that this last generation would salvage the
nation from the plight of unemployment.

Memoirs of a man who desperately searches for a white collar job.


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