In 365 days,52 weeks,12 months…So many people were with me,while some pushed me closer to my dreams,some remained uncontributive,however in one way or the other,they all contributed to my life.

I’m using this podium to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone.Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin,thank you for your encouragements,prayers,constructive criticisms,love and affection and I pray that GOD uphold us in this new year.

To my esteemed readers on my blog and on my motivational platform Thanks for always reading and sharing your takes.My immense gratitude goes to my colleagues,my co-penners…I may underestimate you if I start mentioning names but I want you to know that I have you all in my heart.Thank You all for making me believe in myself,because you made me see reasons why I’m living to inspire others.

All the glory belongs to GoD,All I have to say is Thank You Lord.I wish you all a wonderful year ahead.Expect a lot more this 2014 *winks****Do keep your fingers crossed.

‘It’s not about me but you getting inspired by His inspiration’™
Signed: Badiru Kehinde (Keji_banks)

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