When our car develops a fault,we call a mechanic to fix it up;

When our tyre is deflated,we call a vulcanizer to amend it;

When our health fails,We call upon a doctor to give a check up on us;

When our clothes need repairs,we go in search of a tailor;

when the pipes in our homes are faulty,we call upon a plumber to fix up the loop holes;

However,when our lives is in shambles,when it seems as if the road is getting narrow,those moments when it seems as if our lives’ light is getting dim,those trying & hard times…Who do you call upon,who do you look up to? No ONE except GOD because He’s the source of our help…He’s our battery,He’s our charger.
‘Without GOD,LIFE has no PURPOSE

Today is NEW YEAR’s EVE,It will not be the last of your days IJN…Wishing you a glorious year ahead…Let HIM be the source of your life this forthcoming year.


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