When Children’s day is pronounced,you’d hear some people saying; ‘I’m not a child,it’s for little children’.However they seem to forget what it truly means to be a child.
‘Children’ are the heritage of God
The birth of a ‘Child’ have repaired some broken homes.
The birth of a ‘Child’ led to the continuity of some generations.
The birth of a ‘Child’ is an hope for posterity,

Before God we are ‘CHILDREN’…Before our parents,we are Children,A protege is a ‘chiild’ to his or her mentor…
A day worth celebrating…Reaching oiut to those children on the streets,those in tears,those who are secretely abused,those in the motherless babies homes,those under the bridge and along the boulevard,those in custody as juveline deliquents,those in the midst of kidnappers and child right’s violators…
For the Chibok Girls #Bringbackourgirls …Stay strong for you’ll find freedom soon,For as many who would not celebrate because of insurgence and uprisings…

I Love You,We Love You,The world Loves you and God loves You…
Dedicated to the CHIIBOK ABDUCTED GIRLS and to CHILDREN all over the world #BringbackOurGirls

Written by Badiru Kehinde
Twitter@keji_banks BB: 28CC09AC
#smoothmotivationwithbadiruikehinde on FB
Celebrate God’s heritage…ChILDreN by sharing,tweeting,broadcasting,Liking and reblogging
It’s not about me but you getting inspired by His inspiration…C 2014

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