1.Think of those things that makes you happy.
2.Think of those precious memories that connects you with your true friends.
3.Don’t over deposit your trust in some particular friends,they may trade it for nothing.
4.Don’t snub those who care about you,it sucks.
5.Don’t say ill of them even in their absence.
6.Try to remain humble even if the proud ones make you look like a crap in front of other friends.
7.Don’t try to appreciate your worth,remain down to earth,the real friends will apreciate the real you.
8.Don’t try to impress friends,it works though but I tell you fake ones will love you temporarily but real ones will love you only if you have influenced them rather than impress them.
9.Don’t rebuke nags,try and help them curtail it.
10.Help your friends achieve their dreams but not at the detriment of yours.
11.Don’t try to be like one of them,there can be ONE of them but none can be ONE of ‘YOU’…
12.When you are pissed off by an attitude,walk away,trouble and arguments only severe the already built relationship.
13.When they stop talking to you,they’ve started talking about you,remain calm.
14.Don’t worry much if you don’t have a best friend,it helps most times.
15.Be careful of the friends you share your dreams and aspirations with.
16.Be wary of the friend you introduce your fiancee to (funny right)…
17.When you notice that whenever you talk they just nag,its either you’re versatile than they are or you are feeding them with gibberish materials.
18.You become the friends you walk with,choose good friends.
19.Good friends are good assets,if you need your assets to accrue,make good friends.
20.Don’t be scared of friends that will desert you,real friends stay,fake ones leave when they’ve got all they need from you.
…Hope you got something.

Written and compiled by Badiru Kehinde 28CC09AC
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