To Every Awesome Father Out there

(To Every Awesome FATHER out there).


I would not av competeted with other spermatozoa.

I would have been more naughty, all thanks to your lashes.

If not for You, mum would have been lonely,

she would have made herself an indoor housewife due to lonliness.

If not for you,My schoolfees will be hanging,though mum is a shareholder too…

My pocket money would have needed fasting and prayer…

If not for You,my christmas cloth will involve personal meeting with mum…

If not for You,mum would have given me little meat…

If not for You,I won’t write this today

Taking this time out to wish my Dad; ( Badiru A. Azeez ) Happy Father’s Day. Celebrate your Father by Liking,Sharing,BC…

Written and Signed by Badiru Kehinde @keji_banks 28CC09AC
Badiru Kehinde copyright

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