Article: ‘You You You’

Some have lost messages that were meant for them,its boring to read this long stuffs…Well I hope you don’t neglect this

Why I am different,Why you are different… I don’t follow others,I do it my own way…You may snub at it but the real people will appreciate it,only real friends will appreciate your real self,they won’t persuade you to be like another person…You may say to yourself ‘Gosh I don’t get much attention as others’ Well attention only ends on the day of internment.Those who pushed you will only move on with the fun of life,it’s now left with how you spent your life on earth that determines where you spend eternity…They find you more attractive,they can’t be like you,so the try to paint you dim.That’s why a writer once wrote,’Those who hate you are your confused admirers,they can’t just figure out why every other person loves you’…Be Real,Be Yourself,Don’t change for anyone,Be Original,Be the Best Brand Of yourself…The real people will love the real You #Smoothmotivationwithbadirukehinde Add up 28CC09AC or ff@keji_banks for more inspiring srories…Badiru Kehinde copyright reserved
If you were blessed by this do share to someone…Gracias

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