For A Lecturer and Friend

‘Of man’s first disobedience,and the fruit of that forbidden tree………. ***

‘What course did you say you are even studying,owo ti wo gbo oooo’ LOL………***

‘There is a preponderance of…..***

These are the few little words my mind could remember because I was too busy staring at His Lips trying to study how he articulate his words and strategically align the vocabulary of words that emanate from His mouth

He’d never force a lecture on you…He understands nature…He’s not just a lecturer,He’s one of those few that are teachers***

He’s never with notes…He just hold in his hands the literature texts he wants to analyze***

***Though we got so close not long you left for a greater height…Still your influence lingers in my life

You were encouraging and inspiring

**—I could remember He edited one of my poems; “NIGHT”

I thought of what to write for a writer and scholar that you are but these were the little I could offer from my Pen…

#IcelebrateYOU Professor Senanyon Olaoluwa HBD
‘If You Learn to celebrate people,people will celebrate you too’ Badiru Kehinde All Rights Reserved…

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