Motivational : ‘NOTHING’

I found out ‘NOTHING’ is just an ordinary noun lying down in one corner of the dictionary…
NOTHING can move you,NOTHING can shake you,Not a thing,Not a scandal,Not critics,Not gossipers,Not your past;it only exists as a past and will remain a past.You’ve gotta let go….
NOTHING can define and decide your future more than your imagination.NOTHING outshines the role of self decision…NOTHING should make you hesitate…Don’t fear to take risks..Involve the GOD factor…NOTHING is too big to achieve,If you can think it you can do it
NOTHING can stop heaven’s purpose for you,Not your family,not your wrong relationships,not your status…Not your temprament..You are in charge,make decisions…We all live by decisions which either puts us at the right place or at the wrong place…NOTHING is more important than choice,make right ones..desire truth,pursue diligence..shape your life and see NOTHING as a better SOMETHING….Stay Motivated with #SmoothMotivationWithBadiruKehinde

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Written: Badiru Kehinde 28CC09AC All rights reserved
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  1. Iam_BadiruKehinde · November 12, 2014

    Thanks for reading and getting blessed…Really something to be happy about…And I’m saying amen here too @Thegracewriter You can hook up with me on bbm 28cc09ac Fb@ or Twitter@keji_banks Anyone is preferrable…Let me get to meet you..Thanks

  2. thegracewriter · November 3, 2014

    I love this post! It’s simple but straight to the point. As I read “NOTHING can stop heaven’s purpose for you” all I could say is AMEN. That is something to be happy about. Thank you for this post!

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