POEM; ‘AN ODE TO GARRI’ (In Praise Of Ikire)

“AN ODE TO GARRI” (in Praise of Ikire)

Tapped from cassava,
Rooted into mother earth.

Student’s best friend
Even when market women become hoarding agents…

What happens after a long lecture,
Brains emanciated by group works and the sun

Garri…quickest thought on my mind

You make me become friends with other hostel mates,
Who comes for you…

Though you’ve cuased troubles amongst roomies
Still they settle it with a bowl of you and panla fish

Garri o!!! A wonderful friend…
Decieving even the wealthy and pompous

Who can resisit the ‘ijebu’ version of you
Long live in my stomach…

Obada market glorifies you
Everyday you are reduced to kongos…

What do I owe you
***purewater and Ikire groundnut

Long Live the queen…Garri

Written by: Badiru Kehinde


Hit like if we fall into the same shoes

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This poem was inspired by an experience in the town where I’m currently studying,Ikire in Osun State where Osun State University is situated.
Badiru Kehinde All rights reserved Oct 2014
28CC09AC Twitter@keji_banks


  1. Lembo · February 25, 2015

    This is lovely dude. I’ve seen some of your works too.The sky is your stepping stone. I’ll love to know you more

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · March 13, 2015

      A very big thanks you…Its my pleasure…you can know me more and reach out to me… Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/badiru.kehinde1 Let’s start up from there…thanks for reading…Yours truly Badiru Kehinde

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