***”A PRAYER FOR NIGERIA”*** By Badiru Kehinde
‘We all pray for ourselves,how many of us pray for Nigeria’…It saddens to know within me how the past heroes and patriots of the nation called Nigeria will feel;for the nation they never wished to end up like this,for their legacies which never lived more than their life time.Will their rest be in peace or in pieces?,Will the fasting and prayers they made be in vain upon a nation that’s not in one string concerned about praying for itself.

A nation where office miracle,pocket politics,stomach infrastructure,paper intelligence is the culture and order of the system.Above all,the little baby who was named by Flora Shaw cries for her citizens who praises it daily with curses and words of hopelessness and disbelief.A writer and mentor; Sola Owonibi said; ‘America prayed its way through to where it is now,where’s Nigeria now?’.He continued;’History will never forgive some people’… Sure it won’t for the time they had to pray for a dieing nation and they didn’t.

Let’s reach out to God,say a word of prayer daily for our nation Nigeria.America had its past,this is ours which will be a future some day if only we pray for it.Imagine a population that prays daily; ‘GOD BLESS NIGERIA’.

On the final note;these are words from a fellow Nigerian who see a better Nigeria.’We must pray for this country,even if it’s not for everyone,do it for yourself’…Sola Owonibi.

Article Written by BADIRU KEHINDE
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NB: This Article was published in ‘HEARTBEAT Magazine’;A faculty magazine of Osun State University,College of Humanites & Culture,Ikire.

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