PO3M “LET’s”

Let’s eat a plate of words,
Let’s make a toast of lines,
Let’s realize how we are designed
With the finest of mud
Our heads may be buried
But our voices remain as loud
Like Hauja and Kenwood.

Let’s offer ourselves…
To no One but no One
Steal me from myself
But don’t Steal me from my thoughts…
It’s the only river I love swimming
The only dance I dance
The only rhythm my heart lsitens
The only chord my fingers embrace
The only musings I make
The best minstrel behind the scene

Every Step of the way…
Let’s make a toast,
To words & worlds
To Life & Laugh
To Love & Love
To Something… I say,
To whatever Your heart says

#BadiruKehindeWrites™ #Poetry Copyright2015

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