Somewhere Somehow It Appears It’s CHRISTMAS
Today the World Celebrate the birth of a name JESUS which have been the Saving grace & mercy card to many over the years.
That name was from a lowly background but today is the most celebrated name in the entire universe.

Remember there’s Someone out there who doesn’t know that name JESUS & does not feel loved, Live today for them So that tomorrow will live to acknowledge You.

May this CHRISTMAS bring unto You & Me the joy, comfort, happiness, peace & fulfilment that’s there in…Here’s Wishing You a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a Fulfiling 2016.

With Love From Us @ Smooth Motivation With Badiru Kehinde to friends, families, loved ones, readers, fans, listeners, critics, crew members, #RCF #Uniosun #RccgWorldwide #SIK 😀
Masssive hugs & kisses !!! 😀
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