Poem: By Badiru Kehinde and Azeez Sherifah

The young shall grow
Eggs shall hatch
You, who cut down trees
Who roll like boulder
Bestriding the threshold of the young
Thinking they won’t grow grey.

You see! I see them…
Staging theatre of arrogance and monopoly
Remember, you were once a chicken
Before the world heard you crowing
Remember the tale of ‘erin’…
So, heed to the call of wisdom
Co’s the son will soon become man
The young shall grow
And make your good, best,
So take heed,

The young shall grow!
The new dawn would come from them
Let the eaters of our yam
Remember that constipation will soon keep them down.
We are the young blood
Casted, ridiculed today.
But we know tomorrow will be fair
To us, not you…

Written in honour of the co-poet Azeez Sherifah who got married today 3rd September, 2016, Here’s wishing you happy married life dear friend and gifted writer.

Badiru loves you
NASELS loves you
CLASS OF 2016 loves you
The poetry world loves you

#Africanpoetry #IGpoets #Poetrycommunity
IG@Kejibanks for more poetry


  1. iamoluwadaresamuel · September 4, 2016

    Wonderful writing sir. I must also say ‘my appreciation knows no bound’. I got it.

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · September 4, 2016

      Much pleasure, Keep well, let me know what’s grinding…

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