Dear Lord,


Help Us to love your Word

more than our Phones.

And if we won’t,

Let the charger get spoilt.


If Glo makes us use our tithe

to do one month subscription,

let all their mast go to sleep.


We pray that PHCN will

become useless

more than ever,

so that we will go to your house.


Help us to learn to pray,

even when we travel to UK

in our dreams

And not only when

the village people are at work.


Give every Landlord sense,

to teach their tenants to be landlords too.


Let every song

the political choristers in Abuja sing

become cacophonous to your ear.


And help us to love

our president like we love Telemundo and Bet9ja.

Curse every looter

to die in the Pilgrimage of shooters.


Teach us to trust tomorrow,

and not just the today in our mouths.


Let our fathers receive sense to

lead their families responsibly

and let our mothers know how to

cook good meals, care for their husbands

and grow in strength

and not be ordinary

ideological feminists.


Teach the young ones in love

that it is a borderless road.


Dear Lord, help our universities

to buy new books into our libraries.

Let us know even quickly, the difference

between education, a degree and common sense.


Let it be known that,

secrets are time-bombs,

trusts too are deceptive pills,

Staying in-between is a charade more so…


All this we ask through

all this we ask.





12:54am 12|03|18


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