They said, mornings are           for sunshines,

Evenings are for sometimes,

But tomorrow is for            telling          the tales of scars.


And dont blame her

For these scars          you can’t see.

In it are the fires              she buried beneath,


Beneath, beneath the length of a coat

Under it are strong arms which hold

the beauty of her skin,


But filthy scales have

Left it apart,

The beautification            of old men         in new clothes

Left her warbrobe tainted

forver in the paint of filthiness…


PS: This poem is inspired by Daniyan Ifedayo my model friend who you can see in the cover picture. This picture was her message for the Independence day. She spoke to me about finding a deeper meaning within it so we shared thoughts and as every art is fluid, I was able to create this out of her picture prompt.



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