A Different Christmas (A Poem/Spoken Word)

There comes a time,
Merry fun, one that happens once in a year.
The time of love, laughter, happiness, freedom, and fun
The time our hearts merry for shouts.
The ice still nights, sound of jingle bells,
A Christmas to behold.

Christmas is in my stomach, your
heart and the part of that blue moon
Let everyday be Christmas,
Let’s sing at morning, afternoon, and midnight.
For a child is born,
His love and name, the world dreamt.
Angels at His feet
Blessings on our seat,
Wake me up only when I’ve slept
in the beautiful midnight cold.

Christmas is more that a day,
It’s the love, greeting cards, carols, hugs and the good time.
I’m counting each year,
Like I’m counting the stars.
Merry Christmas Sweet.

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