The Tale of the Broken Bird

The Tale of the Broken Bird

Truly, yet defiantly the theme
Of your nest was soaked in lettered
mystery and changing tunes.
This is the tale of the broken bird:
Taken, measured, crested with
fetters that left marked closets.
But, I imagine the clustered
Feathers where everything marked
simulating similitude.
What if we didn’t make wings
On the floored petals?
What if we didn’t make home
On the flawed petals?
What if I rather call the way,
Will you unbreak our elevations?
Will they hold your mistaken flights?
Replace it with wild touches,
greasy pecks, tumultuous chirps
Which finally ushers (one, if not all) of us in(to) brokenness.

If your lip falls, pick your eyes,
If going becomes loitering,
Light the nest, next to freedom.
But, you know our birds will
Sing our tale, of brokenness, mental fullness,
trembling jarringness
Of soaring, to maybe
inside from outside,
Meaningless shaped-still clouds,
Of greasy pecks, the tale
of the broken bird.

This Poem is Inspired by a track from Ambient’s Relax music genre, Groundfold’s “The Tale of the Broken Bird”

“I Know Why Your Mother Cries” (A Collection of Poetry) will be available in Print this autumn, 2019.

Pre-Order ahead, e-mail | +234(0)8135359053

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Badiru Kehinde


  1. Oluwatoba Oluwakemi · May 12, 2019

    Beautiful piece. Esoteric in nature as I had to read like the third time before I could grab something relating to humans. Beautiful metaphors used. Good imagery. this work exudes intelligence. Layman will see it as Greek… Good job altogether.

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · May 12, 2019

      Thank You Kemmmy, glad you love it.

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