FELA: The Man, His Music, His Mystery

In the Post 1990s, the Poet-Prophet tradition became a mainstay in Nigeria’s literary canon. Marking and re-casting the pathway to this, like Soyinka’s Mythopoetic Ogun is “FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI”.

Fela was more than a Singer, he was also a Prophet seeing ahead the mess the nation is enmeshed in now. He had death in his pouch, creative with his music, yet destructive [to the politricksters] like Ogun’s metal lore and retributive force.

Beyond his blend of Afrobeat and Afro-Jazz which he was a precursor of, he remains a guiding light in the tunnel of revolution and the desire for progressive change.

22 years after and in a technologically-driven society, Fela’s influence remains strong in the hearts and heads of Afropolitans, Afrofuturists and other PanAfricanists who hope that someday Abami-Eda’s vision of an ideal society would be actualized.


CC: My brother, Adewale Alfred Prevail for the reminder

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