In Conversation With Nature: Third MainLand in Perspective

I agree with Percy Bysshe Shelley when he wrote that; “A Poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth”.

In finding and expressing truth, there are many stories you want to tell, and you realise, no, you have to choose. Nature comes handy as a writing inspiration for me as I open myself up to everything, everything.

Creative Writing as a process involves the artificer opening himself/herself up to different sources of inspiration and being used as a medium. Asides Soul, Jazz & Relax Piano music, which has been the medium which sets me as an agent totally used up [but not abandoned] in communicating the eternal words of our fourth world, I also connect with and make amazing Photographs out of my conversation with nature.

We have a story to tell
We have a realm to keep divine.
We have conversations to make…

📷 © Badiru Kehinde // Lagoon Front, Third Mainland Bridge Perspective 29/7/2019

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