They Raped Mommy

They Raped Mommy


I’m writing with black oil
In my eyes, blood between my lips
and pepper in my throat

They didn’t come in the night,
They came at will, everyday,
dressed in random cassocks
With 72 pockets, heavy and patterned,
I see black guards everywhere.

They took their cassocks off,
for continued years
They raped Mommy,
She was on her period
I saw the flow, it was blood-oil
blood-soil, night-rain, night-pain.

She whimpered,
She cursed
She laughed
She bared her breasts
And looked at these rapists,
In their variants of vultures, lions,
locusts, antelopes and hyenas.

Today is Mommy’s birthday
But she’s still having cramps
from these rapists’ claws.


Badiru Kehinde is a Nigerian poet, short story writer, creative writing instructor, illustrator and editor. He was born in Lagos, and grew up in Okokomaiko, Lagos and Ibadan. “I Know Why Your Mother Cries”, his first published work of poetry would be republished [in hardcover] in winter 2019 and available for sale worldwide. Virtual copies are available on Amazon. Kehinde enjoys Soul and Smooth Jazz music, shares and believes in Jesus, Marxism and Karma. Kehinde, who is at the forefront of digital poetry in Nigeria currently lives in Lagos, teaches Creative writing to budding and would-be writers through the NGO, “Write Now”. He freelances as a ghost writer, and works as lead-editor and illustrator/designer with “Lofty Steps Consults”. Kehinde shares exciting stuffs on his social media platforms.

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  1. Emmanuel · October 2, 2019

    This is so beautiful

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · October 2, 2019

      Glad you enjoyed the read. Cheers.

  2. ADEBIYI ABDULWASI DEMOLA · October 1, 2019

    Thanks for sharing this tought sir

  3. ADEBIYI ABDULWASI DEMOLA · October 1, 2019

    So sad! Mummy has been nursing her wound long ago. Hope it gets healed one day

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · October 2, 2019

      She would be healed…

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