When Your Brother Came Home


When your brother came home
you were not expecting anyone.
He had crossed the borders.
You turn the door knob,
peep through the key hole.
While you wonder how he
remembers the road home,
Her left hand was redesigned,
His lower lip was a strange land.
From homeland, were these
secrets? S[he] had become
a new person.

When your brother came home,
did father count how many girls
he had again?


Click on the image below to download a copy of the digital version of the poem.


Kehinde Badiru writes poetry, fiction, nonfiction and essays. He is the author of I Know Why Your Mother Cries and Mbok Don’t Kopa Me. His poems and illustrations have appeared on Sprinng, AweLagos, Business Day, Bella Naija and elsewhere. Kehinde was the Editor-in-Chief of The Cornerstone Magazine, Features editor of Heartbeat Magazine and currently a Creative Writing mentor at Write Now and Sprinng. He is the founder of “Write Now”, Nigeria’s foremost Creative Writing NGO which has trained over 600 students in Writing. Kehinde loves Smooth Jazz music and Soul. He is currently writing a debut Short Stories collection and a new volume of poetry. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @Badirukehinde

Pen & Paper | Art & Heart


  1. Cynex · December 8, 2019

    I have got different thoughts about this.
    Ain’t really a poet though but could this possibly be about the evolution of a new being?
    Am kind of lost.

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · December 8, 2019

      Perhaps wherever your thoughts leads you. Sail, soldier… Iyaanu

  2. Onile Oluwaseun · December 8, 2019

    Did father count how many girls he had…
    he probably didn’t. Over joyed with the arrival of the “newman” who needs to be pampered by proud father and his proud friends by the palm wine table . Even if father remembers how many girls he had. It is probably to count the number of new servants to his new son. Father will probably say to his girls “Lay your brother’s bed and sweep his room – even a month after arrival.”

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · December 8, 2019

      That’s thoughtful Seun. Glad you had a nice read. Great stuff

  3. Oyebamiji Sunday · December 8, 2019

    Nice hybrid discourse there, bro!
    I still wonder if our brothers are not ‘sisthers’ already.

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · December 8, 2019

      Ah ah Lol May our brothers speak for them selves. Thanks for the read. Glad you love it.

  4. ADEBIYI ABDULWASI DEMOLA · December 8, 2019

    Smiling… Great job boss. Demola loves this.

    • Iam_BadiruKehinde · December 8, 2019

      Demola. Thanks for the read. Cheers

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