The Colours of Hope

Colours of Hope

I can feel how much you are wrapped
in the monuments of how loud the world is:
how silent we were when they died,
Wives who would want to wake up,
listening to the laughter of
their partner dreaming of colours,
and the little ones who want to go home
not forced to the TV and shelves.

I feel your questions:
how many times would people
and places fade into the bars of Corona?
But, in this pause is a whole new world,
coming, a new world coming,
a new song beaming.
It takes the colours of hope to
see it coming. We will win,
over what won our hearts,
Things we thought we couldn’t live without: Museums, gym houses, concerts,
work, office/s, trade, stadiums, clubs…
But, How long would people
and places fade?
until we see the colours of hope…


PS: This is for the world which would be healed and the new world coming.

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One comment

  1. estherikott · April 16, 2020

    This poem resonates hope

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